Vijaya Enterprises Blog Latest Products Tue, 25 Jun 2024 18:08:13 +0530 en-us Corn Starch Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:09:02 +0530 Corn Starch is also colloquially referred to as cornstarch, corn flour and maize in different regions and different countries around the world. The nutritious food product is obtained from the grain corn (maize) and is profusely used for condensing soups, gravies, custards and sauces. It is also used for preparing corn syrup and sugars.   Corn starch is in fact a popular thickening transmitter for foods that retain plenty of water. When heated on certain temperature, the molecular chains of the corn starch untangle; as a result, they come in direct contact with different starch chains and thus condense the liquid.   The Preparation Of Corn Starch: The process of preparing corn starch is known as wet milling. First of all, corn starch is soaked in liquid for many hours (30-48 hrs). After that the germ and endosperm are segregated from each other. The next step involves taking off the starch by washing. Finally, when the starch gets distinct from cereal germ, corn steep liquor, and fibers, etc., it is laid for drying.   Health Benefits Of Corn Starch: It is preferred food for many sports persons. It contains approximately four hundred and eighty eight calories in one full cup. Corn starch has very less fat. One cup of cornstarch includes meager amount of fat that is less than 1gram. And thus it is good for people who want to lose weight. It also has low levels of proteins. So, it helps in combating diseases pertaining to kidney, liver and gout. It also has low amount of sodium, which is good for health as low intake of sodium prevents diseases such as water retention and blood pressure.   Vijaya Enterprises supplies a wide variety of Agro Food Products such as Corn Product, Feed Raw Materials and several products pertaining to animal feeding. The Company is figured among some of the leading Food Grains Exporters deeply rooted in value system and adhereing to strict quality standards. Visit for more information. Using Corn Starch in the Kitchen Wed, 13 Nov 2013 10:12:07 +0530 Corn starch is a very popular food ingredient having varied uses. It is obtained from the endosperm of corn. Till 1850, the starch was used for laundry and in select industries. But, nowadays Corn Starch finds a huge variety of uses.   Uses Of Corn Starch: It is used as a thickening agent in liquid diets such as soups, sauces, gravies, custard, etc. It is also used as an anti-cake agent in powdered sugar. It is also included in baby powders. When mixed with chicken nuggets batter, Corn Starch can improve the crispiness of the same. It can also be used to clean window, giving it a new and burnished look. Corn starch if poured on greasy areas and on oil stains can clean-up in area in about 20 minutes. It can also be used as a car polish and a cleaner to remove paint from furniture if left-out after polishing. It is also used to clean silver. Applying a paste of corn starch and water to the ornament and removing it after a few minutes can bring back the luster of silver. Sprinkling some corn starch on stubborn knots can help to open it up with ease. Applying a paste of corn starch and milk to the fabric containing ink stains will lead to removal of the same quickly. Sprinkling corn starch on smelly shoes results in the absorption of smell. Sprinkling it on the scalp for a few minutes can give you oil-free and dry hair. Applying a paste of corn starch and water on the affected area of insect bite or sunburn leads to being healed.   Vijaya Enterprises is a well-known Supplier and Exporter of Corn Products like Corn Starch. Driven by the philosophy of reliability, authenticity and satisfaction, Vijaya Enterprises is a producer of quality and nutritious food products. For more information, visit Maize Suppliers In India Solve All Your Problems Mon, 12 Jan 2015 10:48:46 +0530 India is an agricultural land, where many crops are grown and are staple crops of some areas. The maize is grown in bulk here and is also exported in large quantities. All the snacks and the puffs made of corn you like to munch are prepared from the ground maize powder. The grit is the other name for the ground corn or the maize powder. Due to the increasing requirement of it, the demand increases and thus the business in this field. There are many maize suppliers in India which are dedicated to supplying maize and products to address needs of all the sectors.The requirements:Maize is India is a favorite food, especially in north India, during the winter season owing to its high calorific value. Due to the high calorific value, it provides high energy and heat to the body to keep you warm in winters. In India, maize is used to prepare flour and then chapattis are prepared out of it. They taste best with the desi ghee. Other than that the maize powder that is made after grinding it and is called grit, is used to make many dishes which are favorite in western countries. <a href=""><b>Maize Suppliers in India</b></a> reveal that maize is becoming a popular ingredient in many of the hotels and restaurants. The shrimp and the grit are the most famous combination that people love to eat. With the growing craze of continental food in India, the grit market is flourishing due to requirement of it in the food industry.As animal feed:Maize and maize grit is not only popular as human food but also as the animal feed. This is because it is high in nutrients and especially roughage. Therefore, it maintains a healthy digestion in the animals that eat it. Other than this it provides optimum energy and prevents lethargy.Buy it online:Gone were the days when people used to buy things from the market. If you are into the business of the maize grit, you can order it online at very reasonable prices and these can be delivered where ever you wish to. Other than this, if you have a big farm or food industry and you wish to buy maize in bulk or its products, go for the online buying rather than going to the shop and then buying. By doing this, you can avail discounts on the bulk orders. There are sites that specifically address to your needs of maize. Why to choose maize gluten meals? Tue, 10 Feb 2015 17:31:30 +0530 If you are really concerned about your health and fitness, then you must contact the <a href=""><b>maize gluten meals Suppliers</b></a>. These suppliers can provide you the opportunity of having healthy meals and breakfast that can fulfil the nutritional deficiencies of your body. What are the health-benefits of having gluten meals from maize?As per the experienced nutritionists and health experts, gluten meals made of maize have a lot of health benefits, and thus these meals can be consumed for maintaining body fitness. Some of the potential health benefits that can be derived from these meals are in the following: These meals are very being cooked in a hygienic manner and are quite safe for both kids and adults. In fact, in some cases, they are being provided to the pets.  They provide a lot of essential nutrients to your body, especially carbohydrates, iron, phosphorus and other essential minerals. These minerals are quite useful for enhancing the strength and energy of your body.  Different kinds of healthy baked foods are also being prepared by the same, and these can offer you the healthiest breakfast.  Your digestion and metabolism, systems can be improved to a great extent as a result of having these foods on a regular basis.  You can get rid of excessive fats, and on the other hand, you will also be able to maintain the perfect weight as a result of having these meals.  You can lead a completely healthy lifestyle by having these meals as your immunity system will be boosted up and thus different critical diseases can be prevented. How to get the healthiest gluten meals?  Looking for the supplies of healthiest gluten meals of maize? Well, in that case, you must look for the most efficient maizegluten meal suppliers who cater ready-made meals at reasonable costs.  These ready-made meals can be easily and conveniently consumed as a result of which you can have great health and proper fitness.  If you conduct a proper market survey, then you will definitely get the best supplier supplying these nutritional meals, and if you want to have a regular supply, then you must hire the suppler on a contract basis.  You need to check out the packages that are being provided by these suppliers so that you can choose the right one in accordance of your requirement, preference, taste and health.   The Whole Range of Corn Products in India Mon, 09 Mar 2015 12:35:51 +0530 Corn is one of the most popular cereals in the world and finds use in the preparation of a wide range of products. Corn has very high nutritional value and is a rich source of potassium, magnesium and Vitamin B-6. One cup of corn contains around 132 calories in it. Here’s is a list of <a href=""><b>Corn Food Products</b></a> that are savored all round the globe.    Cornstarch: Corn Starch is the powdered form of corn grains. They are basically used as a thickening agent in liquids. It gives a thick texture to curries while mixing with water.   Liquid Glucose: Liquid Glucose is made from starch of corn and mainly used in food to soften texture and to enhance the flavor. Liquid Glucose is also used to maintain the freshness of food.   Maltodextrin: It is also made from the corn starch and used as food addictive. Maltrodextrin is easily digestible and slightly sweet and sometimes flavorless. Dextrin: It is the intermediate product between sugar and starch. Dextrin is used in treating cooked food. It also gives crispness to the food. Dextrose Monohydrate: Dextrose Monohydrate is processed by high quality of corns. They are small crystals which are odorless. It is very rich in carbohydrates. Sorbitol: It is a sugar alcohol which human body digests slowly. It can be substitute of sugar and have a high nutritional value. Corn Flakes: Corn Flakes are widely used by number of people because it has high nutritional value which keeps you fit and fine. There are many more Corn Food Products that are missing in this list. But it would be unfair not to mention the servings of Corn Grits Suppliers and Exporters from India. Yes, they deserved a special reference, which I have been successful to achieve here as I conclude this list of savory Corn Products, enjoyed by us.  What should you know about yellow maize suppliers? Wed, 08 Apr 2015 13:28:06 +0530 Looking for the suppliers of corn products or the yellow maize suppliers? If you are worried about the quality, price and the delivery time, then your hunt is going to be a bit tedious. However, if you are aware of a few pointers, you need to check with the suppliers. One of them is that you need to know if the supplier gets the organic products. Only they are healthy and rich in nutrients. The rest you cannot try. You need to check the site of the supplier to find if they offer good-quality corn. If you are looking for corn products, then you need to know whether the products are made hygienically. After this, you would be required to check if they can offer the products to any location you ask for. Even if the location is a foreign country, the international suppliers would be able to send them. When you choose the reliable suppliers, you can be sure that they have good connections with the logistics and arrange the shipment to meet the needs of their customers. Even for the faster deliveries they can make instant arrangements. If they are the reliable suppliers, they would also find it easier to send the products in huge scales to all the destinations without any mistakes. If you are looking for the suppliers, who can stick to their promises, you need to check if there are any certifications they are awarded for their businesses and services. After you check for such details, you need to look for the customer testimonials too. Furthermore, you can find that they have a huge list of products. They should be able to offer products not only for consumption of humans, but also for animal feed. You can find such suppliers having too many contacts with logistics and other related departments, making it easy for you to get the supplies in a short span of time. All the document works are taken care of, and this means you have a hassle-free process.Things to read:When you look for the <a href=""><b>yellow maize suppliers</b></a>, and corn food products suppliers, for sure you will try to find info on their website, and when you look for the info, you need to read the fine prints, the terms and conditions and other policies of the suppliers. This will let you know all about the supplier’s policies. Important Ingredients for Animal Feed Fri, 01 May 2015 13:03:24 +0530 Owning cattle or poultry farm is a big responsibility. Taking care of animals, maintaining their growth, providing proper nutrition etc., all of this can take a toll on you. One of the most common complaints that animal owners have is that not enough nutrients get inside their body, making them weak and unhealthy. Feed Supplements Suppliers in India provide ingredients that can be added to the feed to make it more nutritious. Some ingredients that are commonly used in as feed supplements include:   Dicalcium Phosphate: Dicalcium phosphate is used in various Poultry Feed Supplements. This is one of the main source for providing phosphorous and calcium to the body of poultry. This strengths the skeleton of their body and actively promotes animal growth.      Zinc Oxide: Animal feed is one of the major uses for zinc oxide. They require zinc for proper metabolism in the body. Zinc tablets are usually not given to cattle because they tend to stick near the body and not synthesize because of restricted motion.  Cattle Feed Supplement Exporters provide this compound for aiding of growth in cattle body as they have a high bulk density and flow very easily. Manganese Sulphate: Deficiency of manganese can cause leg disease called ‘perosis’. Hence, animals require this compound for normal skeletal development and reproduction.  Animal Feed Supplement Exporters provide compounds that are easily absorbed by their body and regulate the activity of many enzymes.] Cobalt Sulphate: Cobalt has been known to promote the production of Vitamin B12 in cattle. By adding this inorganic metal salts, livestock keepers can regulate the amount of B12 present in the animal’s body. Cattle Feed Supplement Exporters provide compounds that are easy to mix with the feed, and provide efficient body growth. Every livestock owner knows the importance of these ingredients in animal’s body. <a href=""><b>Feed Supplements Suppliers in India </b></a> provide good quality chemicals that can be easily mixed with cattle or poultry feed. Di Calcium Phosphate: Best quality feed supplement for animal and cattle feed Mon, 15 Jun 2015 12:17:24 +0530 Di Calcium Phosphate is available in premium quality with the leading exporters and suppliers in the industry. This chemical is white in color and is available in the powdered form.Features of Di-calcium phosphate: Odorless Lump-less White colored powder High in quality Variable quantities Used in and as: Veterinary products Micro-nutrition Poultry industry Animal feed Cattle feeds This chemical is supplied in variable packaging and quantities. The suppliers supply this chemical all over the nation and globally at a very competitive price. Their clientele is huge and is growing owing to the quality of the service and product.The product is dispatched after thorough checking, for quality and other parameters, and then later sent for packing. Both bulk and retail orders are taken up by the suppliers. The packing is done securely to avoid any kind of deterioration within the transit. Once satisfied with the packaging, it is sent for delivery to the client which is done on time. While looking after poultry or cattle, feeding them is a great responsibility which has to be done rightly to provide right nutrition to them. The animal and cattle feed provided should be able to maintain their health, growth, nutrition. A right animal feed provides all the above in the right manner. The feed supplements such as DiCalcium Phosphate incorporated in several poultry feeds as these provide calcium and phosphorous in major amounts to the poultry which enhances the strength of The skeleton of the body and helps in maintaining the right body growth.This chemical can be easily blended with poultry and cattle feed to provide right calcium and phosphorous amounts to them, as calcium is essential for the bone growth and phosphorous is an essential mineral needed by the body. The suppliers make this feed supplement available to their clients, keeping the requirements of the cattle in mind. It is also used widely in the wet milling industry as well. The product is a result of in depth knowledge of the requirement of the feed. Their authenticity, reliability and service to the customer make them one of the top in the industry.This feed supplement is available with the suppliers at a nominal price. Once the order is taken, the entire consignment is taken care of properly by the team, so as to avoid any trouble to the clients.